Spruha - Bootstrap 5 HTML Admin & Dashboard Template

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Spruha – Multipurpose use SCSS & CSS html5 bootstrap admin template. This is simple dashboard template Includes 90+ HTML Pages & 70+ jquery css Plugins.


XÁC MINH CODE THUỘC NGUỒN BẢN QUYỀNhttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1DhczaJRgYGbl2tH-G6AwS6f3jNs7WIcN/view?usp=drivesdk

Spruha – Multipurpose use SCSS & CSS html5 bootstrap admin template. This is simple dashboard template Includes 90+ HTML Pages & 70+ jquery css Plugins. Multipurpose Use pre built bootstrap 5 & Bootstrap 4 html framework with using scss & css. We have Designed html responsive Left menu & Horizontal menu, Light & dark colors premium quality bootstrap template. This grid template is fully responsive design. You can customize easy way customize html elements using scss to css in any type of bootstrap web app template.

This bootstrap dashboard bootstrap html template clean and professional html5 gulp SCSS & CSS design this simple admin panel template design and comes with several modern jQuery plugins included, Awesome cool colors, multiple styles, charts and custom Tables and calendar and Many more plugins Included. We have included multipurpose use elements for developer use ease any type admin panel bootstrap application templates.

This is fully responsive dashboard design template Included Advanced dashboard ui kit like Date pickers, Select2, Darggable-Cards, Message Chat, Sweet Alerts, This admin scss template is Fully 100% Premium Admin Templates quality. This html5 responsive template very simple dashboard template design. We have designed color admin template for using html css scss, Jquery. After Purchased you get All HTML, SCSS, CSS and JS Files.

It has super clean and simple scss bootstrap admin panel template webapp design, you can easy to customizable this bootstrap admin dashboard design HTML components and widgets and jQuery Plugins. This simple dashboard html template scss bootstrap admin panel comes with a awesome unique latest fresh creative premium admin templates quality admin design also we ensure you can easily html design customize use scss in html any type of admin dashboard template.

It is a fully clean simple dashboard html template responsive design for all type of devices works on all major web browsers based on support bootstrap.

Once you Purchase this admin ui templates you will be enabled to get free download of all future updates.

This html admin template comes with a awesome unique design also we ensure you can easily html design elements customize any type of admin and user backend template.

Adding to all this enjoy a lifetime FREE Download updates!

Template Features

• 3 Dashboard
• Project Dashboard
• dark admin template
• Crypto currency Dashboard
• E-commerce Dashboard
• 92 HTML Pages
• Bootstrap 5 Responsive Framework
• Well Commented Code
• Editable Text
• Regular Updates
• include scss in html
• Google Fonts
• SCSS Powered
• 2 Type of menus (Left Menu & Horizontal )
• Dark & Light Versions
• 70+ Plugins
• 6 types of Charts
• 9 Types of Icons
• Time picker
• Date picker
• Date range picker
• Multiple select
• Calendar
• Carousel
• Select2
• Sweet Alerts
• Mail Inbox
• Modals
• Range Slider
• Rating
• File upload
• Message Chat
• Form Elements
• FormAdvanced Elements
• Data Tables
• Draggable cards
• Lockscreen Page
• Error Page
• Under Construction Page
• User Profile
• Easy to customize
• More Widgets
• Invoice Page
• Images-comparison
• Pricing Tables
• Tabs
• Very Easy to Create your Own Site
• Neat, clean and simple design
• W3C Validated
• 24 * 7 Professional Company Support



Template,Admin,Template HTML 5,HTML Template,Admin Dashboard Template,Spruha

Template,Admin,Template HTML 5,HTML Template,Admin Dashboard Template,Spruha

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